I was banned(Naruto)

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I was banned(Naruto) Empty I was banned(Naruto)

Post  zingle88 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:53 pm

IGN [In Game Name] : XnarutoX
When it happened :last week, 2 days ago, today........
Reason :Still not sure... First time Ike banned me for "lying about donating" even though i have proof i did, and proof king recieved my money, then after this i was unbanned and given gm on a new account, on this account everything was fine, then when i got on my pc i couldnt log in, i asked king for help, and he tried to help me, but after he went afk, ike informed me i was no longer a gm, and then he banned me from chat for no reason, and a few days ago he banned me from chat for texting him to ask why i was banned. Today after he banned me from chat he said, "Watch now hes gonna text me because he has no friends" and then a few minutes later said "Hey guys, wanna see a no-lifer" and then he unbanned me for 3 seconds and rebanned again for no reason.
What were you doing wrong : Ike doesnt like me.
Which GM/Admin :Ike(even though i still dont think he should be co-owner(even if he has helped server) Because he continueally bans me for no reason, harrasses me, and he is un knowledgable i game(doesnt know how to warp all, didnt know what IOC was, didnt know how to give IOC, and other things,but still thinks its ok to try and steal my gf in game through bribes, exc)
Discription :Really?


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I was banned(Naruto) Empty Re: I was banned(Naruto)

Post  JJ on Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:34 am

Ike will have 1 day to respond to this, and if he doesn't respond to this.. I will ask king to unbann you.. -JJ


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