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Post  Danksta on Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:31 pm

Gm Application


Have you been a GM before? Yes

Age? 16

Experienced player? Yes:)

What server(s) were you a GM for? LatzafMs and VillainMS Smile

Do you know the commands? Yeah mann Very Happy

How well do you get along with others? uh. I get along with everyone(: But there are limits..

How long have you been playing private servers? Like.. a year or two Lol. I've played on PowerRangerMS,VillainMS, LatzafMs and RydahMS..

Tell us about yourself..

I'm Danksta and I came here cause I think it looks like a pretty good server, and because its fairly new. I like playing new servers Very Happy anyway I'm a pretty laid back person if you get to know me and I don't leave servers until the end. I quit private servers for awhile cause every private server I played in always had people that liked to argue or they always gave up on it. So I went to play xbox for a bit then got bored of that and came back to private servers. If you want to know more about me HMU on xbox!Smile Gamertag: (xGreen xTea LOL) <---- Full gamer tag LOL included--- ... oh yeah I'm also active if I'm not busy with school nd other shit .


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GM Application Empty Re: GM Application

Post  (S)imple on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:41 pm

Use our format and you might be considered.


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