Stripping of GM post.

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Stripping of GM post. Empty Stripping of GM post.

Post  Jay~ on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:44 am

GN [In Game Name] : Jay~
When it happened :9/11/11
Reason : I have no idea why i was stripped off my GM post.
What were you doing wrong :i did almost everything right. I went through every one eq and checked all of them and banned those caught wearing GM suit mostly through wizet editing, helped invite players, guide them and almost everything i could.
Which GM/Admin : Bustags
Discription :I know that the co-owner feel im not usually online its because i stay in [GMT]+8 hence we are of the different side of the world and our playing time dun match hence he felt that i was not often online but the players can be my judge on if have i been a good GM.


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